Film Magic supports the I3D&AIS South East Asia chapter
Awards from I3D&AIS of Korean 2013

Dragon 6K, delivering bigger picture

Percy at London Olympics 2012
with special camera team, from XD Motion, Paris

900-2000M Cable cam, Aerial CineG gyro cam head, Fast track cam for ground and overhead

The New York Festivals -- Gold Awards
Best Cinematography

5K 3D stereo library image

Live show production service for
PUSSYCAT Dolls Concert at Venetian Arena

The DE/Digital Entertainment Person of the Year

A GDC Server EN1000 is installed in i-Magic

New Force, and a New Dimension
Young team forming a new force with the Cinematic magical world.

Directors/ Producer

開心家庭篇 -- Happy Family

Our Animation World / 我們的動畫世界 ....

Solo Indonesia HD location filming support:

RED 3D Stereoscopic half way mirror for rent Create 3D live filming

3D Stereoscopic half way mirror for rent
Create you 3D live filming

3D Stereo Vision Production

DI Workflow

Tele-prompter for location works


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FimMagic Web news
camera equipment rental and crew-hire. FM rental department
6K, 5K, 4K and UHDTV camera are here for your future production.
Also film libray for 6K 5K 4K 3D and UHDTV contents library available,


4 x RED EPIC DRAGON 6K camera now available
With the most advanced RED 6K DRAGON sensor, you can now capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure, the 16.5 stops of dynmaic range eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Try IMAX 3D with 6K RED Dragon.

For 5K and 4K cameras we also have RED Epic X, RED ONE MX, BMD 4K, GH4 4K.
2K and HDTV cameras: Canon c300, Canon 5DMkII, Sony HDCam F900/3,
Sony F3, Sony XDCam Ex1/EX3, Sony MC1P, BMD 2.5K, GoPro Hero 3+
HD 3D camcorder: Panasonic 3DP1 and 3DA1, GoPro 3D
P+S Elite rig, HoPE X, HoPE ONE, HoPE 2 Parallel, TransVideo 3D monitor
HoPE 360 Paorama, and GoPro Panorama
Other location on set items available, DMT DIT station
HD and 3D switcher, Monitors and AJA conversion Boxes
DJI Ronin 3 Axis handheld Stabilizer

RED Dragon Film Magic crew at work in Hong Kong
With 6K resolution, and a Dynamic range 16.5 stops,
now here with Swiss MTV production, with MoVI 10 and EasyRig 3

3D Stereo hi-speed filming with HoPE Xx and Phantom Flex See good quality 3D native stereo action at 1500 to 2500 frames per second The equipment and crew are now based in Hong Kong, and is made available to your creative filmings in Asia please call for your needs

Latest HoPE Xx 3D stereo beam-splitter rig now do native 3D filming in Japan.
With RED Epic X cameras, Zeiss Ultra Prime lens, CMotion camera controls and TransVideo 3D monitor.
The HoPE Xx being our latest modification allows more versatile operations, camera rig could turn upset down either ways without modifcation to fit Up/through 3D or Down/trhrough 3D configurations.
Good for on-set, or for on loaction works. Well tested for handle held and Easy Rig operations.
Now working is the new metal finsihing as add-on design, for to completed the project as HoPE XX.

see you

Film Magic cel Animation work, Hong Kong.
With over 35 years of services experience, all in-house diretcor and artist.
Animation production and finishing for Movie, TV commercial and Short films.
Production director: Ms. Anna Kan,
Producer: Josephine Wong,

經過 香港天極數碼 開發3D立體拍攝團隊的努力,及多代産品的不斷完善,天極數碼 自主研發的第七代3D立體拍攝組合 iM-HP07 在近日舉行的 2012 ICT award 入圍 香港資訊及通訊科技大賽中 創新及研究獎的 Certificate of Appreciation.


i-Magic Hong Kong was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation from the 2012 IT awards' "Best Innovation & research". The iM PH07 sure is one of the world leading 3D Stereo camera beamsplitter rig, designed and made in Hong Kong for high quality 3D movie making.

Digital control allow high accuracy in her repeatable 3D moves. accuracy is built to 0.01mm horizontal transition, and 0.01 angular displacement adjustment.

The rig has been filming in US, Thailand and Hong Kong, and recent project will be in Vietnam for her another 3D Movie project in 2012.




Dear Friends, DoPs, Producers, and Professionals,

The latest 3 units of Epic X Camera, the final production model from RED, are now available for filming with Film Magic now!!
With RED Pro Primes and Zeiss 1.3 High Speed MkII, or RED Pro Primes. Recording media are now in SSD.
5K maximum resolution, and able to shoot up to 300 frames per seconds.
Special 3D stereo beam splitter rigs are built fit Epic X, for your free-stand handheld version, and  with shoulder mount
Contact, or for your filming needs 
ps Film Magic also hold 6 units of RED MX cameras, Sony F3s, f900, and XDCam EX3
1. 300 frames per second High speed filming
2. RED Epic X service package with RED SSD, RED Station, Ki-Pro recorder.

3. iM HP07c Tripod head set up, with tilt plate for low profile operation
4. iM HP07c Should mount handheld config, a total free-stand device

5. Motorized CMotion Inter-Axial control and Lens Sync control available
    Absolute position digital indicator, allow precision Stereopsis control,
    allow fast change between Convergent and Parallel shooting, and numeric   
    Roundness control 
6. Current iM HP07 design weights approximately 40lbs, the new iM HP09
    design in progress that designated for Steadicam operation with motorized
    IA balanced controls
7. See how Karlo runs....., 3D Stereo filming travel in space with ease


Dear RED Fans
Many thanks for RED, the Epic M is here for awhile..
See you at the Hong Kong RED User Group..
Epic Looks at, 3D Stereo Filming, and filming equipment services, HD/SD TV and Movie Post-production, Digital Cinema/DCP, 3D stereo, and New Media, DI and Laser 35mm Film Output

360 degree Panorama seamless Video camera

live filming with RED MX 4.5K


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011:

Best Digital Entertainment (Visual Effects) Gold Award:
Film Magic Ltd. 天極電影製作有限公司 Expo 2010 Chinese Theme Pavilion

Best Digital Entertainment (Visual Effects) Silver Award:
Digital Magic Ltd. 天極數碼影視製作有限公司 HKEXPO Potential Unlimited

Best Digital Entertainment (Visual Effects) Bronze Award:
Film Magic Ltd. 天極電影製作有限公司 Qualified Professional for Building Maintenance

Our newly renovated 4000 sq feet Film Magic Production office... Click here



SONY CineAlta F3 with PL lens in Hong Kong soon..

Sony F3 with PL mount will be available end of Feb 2011 at Film Magic for your filming needs
Sony F3 will be modified for 3D Stereo shooting and is available at i-Magic
   both 50/50 Beamsplitter and Parallel rig are available for your project needs
   contact, or,hk for information and booking needs 

Hong Kong Jockey Club series of Horse Racing event promotion TV commercials
Director by Ah Fai

Film Magic, Hong Kong

We have operated for 33 years in Hong Kong, China and Asia,
our production and co-production work has reached out all over the world.

We have an in-house production crew, camera crew, filming studio and equipment
to satisfy co-production needs.
HDCam, HDV, 35mm film work, and latest 2 units of RED cameras.


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