With advanced research, Film Magic has developed the HoPE series of 3D Stereo native shooting rigs

Different models are provided to meet production needs. The Rig is designed with 0.01mm interOciular disparity, and up to 0.01-degree accuracy to 3D image convergence.

The very Robust design, and independent from AC power, SIP, computer, calibration charts and monitor, made it very good for action and location works. The HoPE X could be well lalign in 2 minutes for every lens change, and her flexibility in conversion bwtween filming in converged and parallel will take only 2 seconds. Build in Memory allow next day operation alignment to be well within 15 minutes.

 HoPE_poster01s HoPEXxPoster




A Collection of other 3D rigs’ design

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Dsc00067s  Dscf0022s